Sunday, April 23, 2017

First-day-screening event of new movie "PARKS"

The first-day-screening event of new movie "PARKS" was held at Theatre Shinjuku on 22 April which was attended by the director Seta Natsuki, music director Tokumaru Shugo, planner Honda Takuo as well as cast members Hashimoto Ai, Nagano Mei and Sometani Shota. The movie which is the 100th anniversary commemorative work to mark the opening of Inokashira Park, is set at Kichijoji in the 1960s and 2017 where Hashimoto plays Jun, an university student staying at Kichijoji who happens to meet Haru (Nagano), a senior high school student who wants to find her late father's ex-girlfriend Sachiko (Ishibashi Shizuka). During the process, they meet Sachiko's grandson Tokio (Sometani) and go through Sachiko's relics to find a open-reel tape. Co-stars also include Morioka Ryu and Sano Shiro.

Hashimoto commented that she visited Inokashira Park quite often and said that through this film, she started to develop sad feelings as she wondered if her past would become an illusion as time went by and the park remains as it is. As such, she hopes that the movie will bring a sense of nostalgia to all who watch it and give them the energy to look forward to the future in a positive manner.

As for Nagano, Kichijoji holds a special place in her heart as she was scouted there when she was in primary three. Before she filmed this movie, her previous film was also set in the same place so it has added meaning to the place for her. Meanwhile, Sometani revealed that the filming had was done some time ago so he was filled with emotions about the film being finally ready to be seen and said that it will be a story that will let viewers see the charm in how time passes by.

Sources: / Oricon

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