Wednesday, April 12, 2017

TOKIO's Nagase Tomoya to star in TBS Summer 2017 drama "Gomen, Aishiteru"

TOKIO's Nagase Tomoya will be starring in the upcoming TBS Summer 2017 drama "Gomen, Aishiteru" (Sorry, I love you) beginning its run from July and is a remake of the same-titled 2004 South Korean drama from KBS starring So Ji-sub which achieved a high rating of 29.2%. This will be Nagase's first leading role in a TBS Sundays drama.

Nagase plays the lead character Okazaki Ritsu who was abandoned by his mother Reiko (Ootake Shinobu) when he was a child. One day, when Ritsu gets embroiled into an incident that causes him to suffer a life-threatening injury, he decides to meet Reiko for the last time and do something for her out of filial piety because he doesn't know when his life will end. However, when he sees how much she loves her son Satoru (Sakaguchi Kentaro) who is a idol pianist and the happy and rich life she has compared to him who is wallowing in the low rungs of society, Ritsu vows to take revenge on her. At the same time, he falls for a woman Mita Rinka (Yoshioka Riho) who helps him by chance but he is sad to find out that she is in love with his half-brother who is Rinka's childhood friend.

Nagase said that it has been a long time since he acted in a love story like this from the time he appeared in the TBS drama "Love to Eros" when he was 19 years old and his last love story drama was the 1999 FujiTV drama "Suna no ue no koibitotachi". Nagase admitted that he always had this belittling attitude towards love stories so this was the reason why it took him that long to attempt another drama in this genre. Now that he's already in his late 30s, he feels that it will be interesting to see how things become if he acts in a love story again since his attitude towards love has changed a lot from the time he was in his 20s.

Yoshioka who is playing the heroine in a drama series for the first time, commented that she feels nervous and a sense of responsibility about taking on such a significant role. As for Sakaguchi who is appearing in this timeslot for the first time, he described his character Satoru as someone who may seem perfect on the surface but has a tinge of sadness and loneliness in his character. In order to play a pianist convincingly, he has already begun piano lessons before the filming begins.

Ootake who last worked with Nagase in the 1997 drama "Dear Woman SP", expressed her excitement at being able to to play his mother this time and is eagerly anticipating the start of the filming. She also revealed that she had seen the original drama before and was so besotted with it so she is even more thrilled to act in this drama.

Filming of this drama will begin in May.

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Anonymous said...

I was so surprised that Nagase's new drama series will be the remake of "Sorry, I Love You". Honestly I don't want to watch again that kind of story, it's so sad and beautifully tragic, even though it's not her fault but the mother definitely would feel guilty for the rest of her life if she knows the existence of her children and how they had lived these times, But having your own mom not even aware that you exist is so pitiful I don't want to imagine it. But So Ji-sub done a great job playing that role which is quite difficult I think, I want to see how Nagase play that role, at least I want to watch its first episode.