Sunday, April 16, 2017

Supporting cast lineup of new movie "Katte ni furuetero" announced

The supporting cast lineup of new movie "Katte ni furuetero" has been announced. The film which is based on the same-titled novel by Watanuki Risa, describes how the lead character Yoshika (Matsuoka Mayu), a 24-year-old single OL, has never had a boyfriend and imagines her first love to be her imaginary boyfriend "Ichi" (One). However, when she receives her first love confession from her colleague "Ni" (Two), this marks the beginning of her agony over whether she should choose to stick with her imaginary boyfriend or date someone for real. Watanabe Daichi from Kuroneko Chelsea will be playing the role of Ni while DISH//'s Kitamura Takumi will be playing Ichi.

Watanabe commented that when he first read the script, he took a liking to Yoshika and tried to imagine that he was truly in love with her during the filming. As for his impression of Matsuoka, he praised her for being very cute, mentally strong and charming. On the other hand, Kitamura who had worked with Matsuoka previously in the 2011 drama "Suzuki-sensei" and its 2012 movie version as well as 2013 Internet drama "Gakuen Sennyuukata Renai Dorama High School Drive Me ga sametara koukousei datta", said that it has been six years since they first met and he finds it a joy to be able to act with her as she is a very charming actress.

Other co-stars include Ishibashi Anna who plays Yoshika's colleague Tsukishima Kurumi and causes trouble in her love life, Furutachi Kanji, a fishing enthusiast who is Yoshika's confidante and Katagiri Hairi who plays Okarina, Yoshika's strange neighbour.


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