Monday, April 10, 2017

Completion screening event & press conference of new drama "Tomodachi Game"

The press conference and completion screening event for the first episode of new drama "Tomodachi Game" was held on 27 March which was attended by the lead actors Yoshizawa Ryo and Uchida Rio. The real-life adaptation works include one drama series and two movies which are based on the same-titled manga and filming was done in December last year. With regard to this, Yoshizawa said that it was freezing cold and he had to stick about 30 pieces of heat packs onto himself. Uchida echoed his view and said that she even wore 4 or 5 pieces of heat tech garments to keep herself warm so it was tough physically for all of them. Despite the challenging conditions, the staff and cast had a good time celebrating Christmas together feasting on delicacies such as fried chicken and cream stew.

As for the works being shown to the fans for the first time, Yoshizawa said that he felt so nervous that he was about to throw up. However, he had great confidence in the quality of the final product which was the result of everyone's hard work and hoped that everyone will enjoy watching them.

The drama will be shown via tvk from 6 April at 11pm on Thursdays while the first movie will be shown in cinemas from 3 June. The second movie's release date hasn't been decided yet but it will be shown within this year.


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