Saturday, April 15, 2017

Production press conference & screening event of TBS Spring 2017 drama "Anata no koto wa sorehodo"

The production press conference and first-episode-screening event of TBS Spring 2017 drama "Anata no koto wa sorehodo" was held on 11 April which was attended by cast members Haru, Higashide Masahiro, Suzuki Nobuyuki and Naka Riisa. The drama which is based on the same-titled manga by Ikuemi Ryo, features Haru as Watanabe Mitsu who works at an eye clinic and is married to Ryota (Higashide) who she met when he came to the clinic as a patient. Unknown to Ryota, Mitsu had always been in love with her former junior high classmate Arishima Koki (Suzuki) since her teens but he disappeared without a word one day. Having been told by a fortune teller before when she was in junior high that she will end up marrying someone she likes second best instead of the man she loves most, Mitsu then decided to marry Ryota because she thought that she would never stand a chance with Koki anymore. However, as fate would have it, she happens to bump into Koki again and begins a forbidden affair with him despite the fact that Koki is already married to Reika (Naka).

As the theme of the story is related to extramarital affairs, Haru was asked about her views about this topic. She commented that if a close friend of hers was involved in such an affair, she would try to persuade the latter to give up on the relationship. However, if the affair involved someone she knows but isn't that close to, she would be quite curious to hear about it as if she is peering into someone's secrets and mocking the parties' involved so this is somewhat similar to the feel projected in this drama.

Higashide commented that although his character is a husband betrayed by his wife, he was prepared for the character to be disliked as the story progresses because of the extreme actions he would take as a result of his jealousy. In response, Naka said that everyone should be quite keen to watch the unhappiness of others i.e. the four main characters but she called upon them not to dislike the four of them after watching this drama.

Meanwhile, Suzuki commented that he doesn't know much about marriage and parenthood but thanks to Higashide offering him the chance to come to his house and interact with his twin daughters, he managed to learn things such as how to carry a baby. Higashide revealed that the two of them knew each other through the audition of movie "Kirishima, Bukatsu yamerutteyo" and have been good friends since then.

The drama begins its run from 18 April at 10pm on Tuesdays.

Sources: / Oricon

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