Thursday, April 27, 2017

Kitagawa Keiko to be back in NTV drama SP "Kaettekita Ie uru onna"

Kitagawa Keiko will be back to reprise her role in the NTV drama SP "Kaettekita Ie uru onna" which is the sequel of the drama series shown last summer. The drama SP set two years after the end of the drama series will be shown at 9pm on 26 May and features the original cast of Nakamura Tooru, Kudo Asuka, Imoto Ayako and Chiba Yuudai.

Two years after Sangenya Machi (Kitagawa) and Yashiro Dai (Nakamura) left the Shinjuku branch of Teekoo Fudousan, business is no longer brisk and on the verge of collapse. Niwano Seiji (Kudo) decides to seek help from Machi who is the president of Sanchii Fudousan now and gets a shock when he sees Machi and Yashiro with a baby.
Kitagawa commented that although she was excited about playing Machi again, she was worried about whether she could fit into the role immediately. However, once she put on Machi's clothes and met her co-stars, she could ease into the role without much effort. She also said that the SP will be very entertaining for everyone with the existing cast's developments and addition of new "customers" and hopes that it will be even better than the drama series. As for acting with a 6-month-old baby this time, Kitagawa said that the baby was so active and heavy that she developed muscle pains after carrying the baby during the filming.

Sources: Sanspo / Yomiuri Hochi / Oricon

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