Monday, April 03, 2017

Suda Masaki to make his debut as a singer in April

Suda Masaki will be making his debut as a singer in April when he releases his first solo single "Mitakotomonai Keshiki" (A view never seen before) which is the CM song for au. The song will be available on online portals first from 22 April before the CD single is released on 7 June.

Suda had made his singing debut as a group with his co-stars in the movie "Kiseki - Ano hi no sobito -" which was released in January this year and had even appeared live on TV Asahi's "Music Station". Although he had sung the CM song, his identity was kept a secret until much later and everyone was surprised that he could sing that well. It was then that a record company approached him to make his debut as a singer.

With regard to this, Suda revealed that he had been unsure if he should become a music artist and wondered what he could do. He decided to go ahead with this and hoped that there would be a day when he can write and perform his own songs in front of everyone.

Sources: Nikkansports / Sanspo

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Anonymous said...

his singing is quite good, but the song or his singing style in this is quite common. at first I thought it's sung by RADWIMPS because it's similar with their typical song and some other band. I can't recognize it's Suda Masaki voice, he should find way to make his singing voice to be noticeable and distinguishable, there are already enough of singer/band with that singing style.