Friday, January 13, 2017

SEKAI NO OWARI members Saori & Nakajin announce their marriage and engagement respectively

SEKAI NO OWARI members Saori and Nakajin announced their marriage and engagement respectively on 12 January. Saori got married to actor Ikeda Dai who she met about 5 years ago through a mutual friend and is currently not pregnant. There are no plans yet for a wedding. On the other hand, Nakajin got engaged to his girlfriend who he started dating in 2013 and is due to get married in the near future. At present, the members of SEKAI NO OWARI are living together so Saori and Nakajin will continue shuttling between the band's current house and their spouses' places.

In her statement, Saori revealed that she had dated Ikeda for five years and he has always supported her music career and gave a lot of thought to her health. She pledged to build a warm family with her husband and continue improving as a member of SEKAI NO OWARI. Meanwhile, Ikeda also released a statement where he revealed that he had been attracted to Saori's full dedication to her work and hopes to continue supporting her in future as he continues to work hard as an actor.

As for Nakajin, he revealed that he had been dating his girlfriend who is not a celebrity for four years and she had supported him whenever he was troubled. He expressed his hope that they can overcome any difficulties in future together and will work harder as a member of the band.

Sources: Sanspo / Sponichi

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