Monday, January 02, 2017

Oosugi Ren & Watanabe Naomi revealed to be new regular members of NTV variety show "Gourmet Chicken Race Gochi ni narimasu!"

Oosugi Ren and Watanabe Naomi were announced to be the new regular members in 2017 for NTV variety show "Gourmet Chicken Race Gochi ni narimasu! 18" during the show's first broadcast this year on 2 January. They are replacing Yanagiba Toshiro who was "fired" from season 17 as the member with the highest self-payout over the entire year.

In the new year SP, the regular members i.e. Ninety-nine's Okamura Takashi and Yabe Hiroyuki, TOKIO's Kokubun Taichi and Nikaidou Fumi were joined by VIP challenger  Ayanokoji Kimimaro and former regular members Degawa Tetsuro and Sasaki Nozomi at Hotel New Otani's Japanese restaurant Senbazuru where they had to order dishes from the menu without knowing the price. The preset budget per person was JPY 25,000 so the person whose total bill deviated most from this amount would have to pay the bill out of his/her own wallet for all the members and guests which was estimated to be around JPY 200,000. Watanabe's identity was kept a secret at first as she ordered her dishes from another room until the announcement midway into the show. As for Oosugi, he was busy with the filming of his drama so couldn't take part in this first round of the year. While there were various clues given out during the programme, the members and guests guessed names such as Kiritani Kenta and Watanabe Ikkei but were all off the mark except for Degawa. When Oosugi appeared out of the blue during the results segment, everyone was in disbelief as this is the first time that Oosugi is appearing as a regular member in a variety show. When asked what nickname he would like to be known as on the show, Oosugi wanted everyone to call him Ren Ren. At the end of the programme, Degawa was proclaimed to be the loser and had to pay the entire bill of JPY 202,200.

Source: Yomiuri Hochi / Sponichi

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