Sunday, January 15, 2017

Completion screening event of FujiTV Winter 2017 drama "Kirawareru Yuuki"

The completion screening event of FujiTV Winter 2017 drama "Kirawareru Yuuki" was held at Cinema Mediage in Odaiba on 12 January which was attended by cast members Karina, Kato Shigeaki and Shiina Kippei. The detective drama is based loosely on the bestseller series by psychotherapist Alfred Adler which had sold more than 1.8 million copies to date and features Karina as the lead character Andou Ranko who is a 32-year-old single police detective. Although she is very capable at her job and has solved many difficult cases to date, she can't get used to the organisation structure and is a loner who doesn't listen to others' advice and does things the way she wants to. Due to her attitude, she becomes disliked by her colleagues in the police force which is predominantly made up of men. NEWS member Kato Shigeaki plays Aoyama Toshio, Ranko's new partner transferred to her department and is the exact opposite of her because he cares too much about other people's opinions and tries hard not to be disliked by others. He dislikes Ranko immensely due to her wilful behaviour. Shiina Kippei plays the role of Daimonji Tetsuto who is a psychology professor who tells Aoyama about the existence of Adler's psychology theories thus helping him to understand how to co-exist with Ranko.

Karina recounted that when she first received the offer, she was unsure how psychology theories would fit into a detective drama so she was excited and worried at the same time. As for Kato who knew about the original book, he was very intrigued and surprised by how the content was integrated into the script.

Karina and Shiina last worked together in the 2006 movie "Rinne" so this will be the first time in 10 years they are working together. Karina remarked that as she was around 21 or 22 years old and just starting out as an actress then, she remembered how kind Shiina was towards her. He then chipped in to say that she had matured a lot after all these years.

As for Karina and Kato, it is the first time that they are working together. With regard to his co-star, Kato said that there were times when she put on a really cold and expressionless face which made him feel as if he was being looked down on. However, Karina was quick to point out that this was because she had to play such a character. Kato then revealed that Karina had actually said that he is a troublesome person because he always cleans his bathroom mirror and tap after bathing. In response, Karina admitted readily to this and said that Kato is such a meticulous person that she finds it a hassle if he were to ask of her to do the same.

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