Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Top 10 male celebrities who women want to go to an onsen with (Oricon)

Oricon conducted a survey on 400 women from their teens to 40s on who they would like to go to an onsen (hot spring) with. Below are the overall top 10 ranking and the top 10 rankings based on age groups:

Overall Top 10
1) Aiba Masaki
2) Sakurai Sho
3) Ohno Satoshi
4) Hoshino Gen
5) Nakai Masahiro
6) Katori Shingo
7) Kusanagi Tsuyoshi
8) Domoto Tsuyoshi
9) Ninomiya Kazunari
10) Tamamori Yuta

Top 10 for women in their teens
1) Aiba Masaki
2) Ohno Satoshi
3) Sakurai Sho
4) Koyama Keiichiro
5) Ninomiya Kazunari
6) Tamamori Yuta
7) Suda Masaki
8) Tegoshi Yuuya
9) Shigeoka Daiki
10) Hoshino Gen

Top 10 for women in their 20s
1) Aiba Masaki
2) Sakurai Sho
3) Katori Shingo
4) Ohno Satoshi
5) Nakai Masahiro
6) Domoto Tsuyoshi
7) Kusanagi Tsuyoshi
8) Saito Takumi
9) Matsuzaka Toori
10) Hoshino Gen

Top 10 for women in their 30s
1) Sakurai Sho
2) Tamaki Hiroshi
3) Hoshino Gen
4) Nakai Masahiro
5) Aiba Masaki
6) Sakaguchi Kentaro
7) Ohno Satoshi
8) Ooizumi Yo
9) Fukuyama Masaharu
10) Fukushi Souta

Top 10 for women in their 40s
1) Hoshino Gen
2) Aiba Masaki
3) Sakurai Sho
4) Saito Takumi
5) Nakai Masahiro
6) Kusanagi Tsuyoshi
7) Inagaki Goro
8) Yamashita Tomohisa
9) Matsumoto Jun
10) Yamazaki Kento

Sources: Oricon 1 / Oricon 2


ipsofacto said...

>>Top 10 for women in their teens: Aiba Masaki

Top pick for girls in their teens is to go to an onsen with a 34-year-old guy..? Emmm....

Chiaki said...

Well, Aiba has a rather youthful image so maybe his age was not a key consideration for the young women who voted for him. From the reasons cited by those who chose him, it seems like his easygoing and cheerful nature were the key reasons for his win because they felt that it would be fun to go to an onsen with such a person.

Note that this survey does not imply entering the onsen bath with the celebrity or sleeping in the same room with him so it really depends on what the respondents were thinking of when they made their choice i.e. from a travel companion's perspective or as a romantic interest.

On the other hand, if you look at the choices in the top 10 from those in their 40s, 7 out of 10 are in their 20s or 30s. So what does this suggest then? ^__^