Monday, January 23, 2017

Hirosue Ryoko & Moriyama Mirai to play siblings in new WOWOW drama SP "Inagakike no Moshu"

Hirosue Ryoko and Moriyama Mirai will be playing siblings in the new WOWOW drama SP "Inagakike no Moshu" (The chief mourner of the Inagaki family) which will be shown at 10pm on 18 March. The drama is based on the winning work by Koyama Goro in the 9th WOWOW Original Taisho which aims to uncover outstanding original scripts, raise new-and-upcoming scriptwriters and dramatise the winning works.

The drama features the lead character Inagaki Chuuta, a primary two student who has social phobia. Upon seeing how his father makes a mess of his grandfather's funeral as the chief mourner of the family, Chuta starts to worry if he will do the same when he has to do the same at his parents' funeral. In addition, his aunt Kyoko (Hirosue) and uncle Shuuji (Moriyama) are both single and living with Chuuta's family so Chuuta wants to do something to make them get married as soon as possible or else they will both fail as chief mourners as well. Chuuta's father Koutaro will be played by Sato Takashi while the role of Chuuta will be played by child actor Kanari Yuuri who was selected through an audition.


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