Sunday, January 29, 2017

Suzuki Kyoka & Seto Koji to star in new TV Tokyo drama SP "Touga no Hito"

Suzuki Kyoka and Seto Koji will be starring in the new TV Tokyo drama SP "Touga no Hito" (The Winter Bud Person) which is based on the novel by Naoki Award winner Osawa Arimasa and will be shown in spring this year. The suspense drama features Suzuki as Maki Shizuri, a former police detective who is grappling with guilt after accidentally causing the death of her partner Maeda during an investigation. She meets Maeda's song Nakamoto Kisato (Seto) who is trying to investigate his father's death and finds out something surprising from him which leads them to join forces to uncover the truth.

Suzuki commented on her character that it was a tough one month filming period as she had to put herself into the shoes of Shizuri and bear with the emotional burden she was carrying. It even surprised her to see that she had immersed herself so much into the role that she was frowning unconsciously. As such, she hopes that her acting will show how Shizuri goes on this journey of self-redemption and how she becomes stronger to protect the people she loves. As for Seto, he pointed to the fact that this drama is not just a mystery drama but also includes the love between people who are far apart in terms of age and hopes that the viewers will enjoy watching the gradual progression of their characters' relationship.


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