Friday, January 06, 2017

Top 10 actresses with the highest potential ratings and their drama appearances' price tags (Jan 2017)

Tokyo Sports published a list of the top 10 actresses with the highest potential ratings as of Jan 2017 which is circulating only among the TV and advertising industry insiders on a regular basis. Based on the actresses' drama performances in 2016 and other factors, the ranking also determines the price tag (per episode basis) which they are expected to command for their drama appearances.

The lowest rank C starts from around JPY 500,000 followed by B which is between JPY 500,000 to less than a million. A is somewhere in the one million range while there are 2A, 3A, 4A and 5A ranks where 3A is around 2 million and 5A is for more than 4 million yen.

Numbers in brackets indicate the potential ratings which the actress is expected to be able to bring in while the number in bold indicates the minimum price tag for her appearance per drama episode:

1) Yonekura Ryoko (17.5%) - 5A = JPY 5.55m

2) Aragaki Yui (16.3%) - 3A = more than JPY 2m

3) Ishihara Satomi (15.5%) - 4A = more than JPY 2.5m

4) Ayase Haruka (15.5%) - 4A = more than JPY 3m

5) Kitagawa Keiko (14.8%) - 3A = more than JPY 2m

6) Nagasawa Masami (14.6%) - 3A = more than JPY 1.6m

7) Yoshitaka Yuriko (13.3%) - 3A = more than JPY 1.8m

8) Shibasaki Kou (13.2%) - 4A = more than JPY 2m

9) Arimura Kasumi (13.0%) - 2A = more than JPY 1.2m

10) Matsuoka Mayu (12.8%) - B = more than JPY 800,000

Source: Tokyo Sports


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why some actress is estimated to bring lower rating but get higher paycheck?
Is it about seniority too?
Take Shibasaki Kou and Gakki, Gakki is more active in doing dorama recently so she's popular (especially with Nigeru on her belt), but Kou has been in the industry longer (she was already romancing Kimutaku when Gakki still playing minor character).


Chiaki said...

Hi Yukari, the price tag is usually pegged to the historical popularity and "status" of the actress while the potential rating is more affected by recent performance. As what you've observed, Aragaki Yui may not command such a high price tag but the success of "Nigeru wa haji daga yaku ni tatsu" has boosted her potential rating. That is probably why you may see some more "established" actresses commanding a higher price but may not have an equally high potential rating now because they have no hit dramas recently.

alfred reyes said...

Chiaki got it right! Plus the number of appearances of the actress boost the rating. Like for example, Ayase Haruka appeared in 2 crappy jdramas, might earned 3m. Not bad. Hahaha

Good thing for Mayu-chan and Masami-chan! Hehe

Anonymous said...

First, Sorry for my long rambling, I got a lot confusion thanks to Tokyo Sports.

I know I should not take this list and numbers seriously especially because they only regarded as potential ratings. But I can't help being confused here and there, why Yonekura Ryoko's potential rating only 17.5% when Doctor X have many episodes over 20%, and how Ishihara Satomi's potential rating is 15.5% while her recent dramas Jimi ni Sugoi and 5-ji Kara 9-ji Made was not even once have reach 14% for any episode, Shitsuren and Rich Man also surprisingly got average rating not more than 13%, so how can they gave 15.5% for her potential rating and Yonekura only 17.5%.

I also wonder the presence of Arimura Kasumi and Matsuoka Mayu in the Top 10, Arimura is popular but it's known that her recent drama the getsu9 drama with her as the lead have a single-digit rating. While Matsuoka mostly acted in NHK and midnight drama slot which have a lower single-digit rating too.

I'm so surprised I don't see Matsu Takako, Ueto Aya, Anne, and Mitsushima Hikari's name on the list. Well, for Ueto and Anne they seem not appeared much on TV after giving birth but they are still a well regarded top actresses, same like Matsu who more active in stageplay recent years, but Mitsushima last year she was in Totto Terebi and got many praises and quite good rating for that slot, I really doubt if she has lower price tag than No9 & No10.

They said it's based on the actresses' drama performances in 2016, but for Nagasawa Masami, except for took part in Sanada Maru, she and Yoshitaka Yuriko last drama were in 2014. While Ueto and Anne last drama were in 2015. So how they decided the timeline.

I really don't get it at all Tokyo Sports! Did some agencies pay to put their actresses on the list to increase the image and offers.

Chiaki said...

Hi Anonymous, I think I need to clarify that the actual rating of a programme is not entirely attributable to one person or factor. As such, even if Doctor X did get over 20% in ratings, Yonekura Ryoko wouldn't be credited with being the sole driving force for this figure because there's still the supporting cast, script, directing, presentation of the story to consider. Likewise, even if a drama does badly, it does not necessarily mean that the potential rating of the actress concerned will be affected drastically since there can be various reasons why the drama flopped.

I'm not exactly sure what kind of calculation methodology is used by the advertising agencies and TV stations when coming up with the potential rating but the term 潜在視聴率 senzai shichouritsu refers to the "amount of viewership ratings" which the celebrity concerned can potentially contribute to the programme. For actresses who no longer appear that often in TV dramas, the people coming up with the data may not have "updated information" to calculate the figures so I am guessing this is probably why the big shots aren't in this ranking although the price tag they command should be more than or on par with some of the people in this current top 10 list. Similarly for people who have spent some time away from the drama scene e.g. An who was on maternity leave, I guess this is also why they aren't in the latest version of this ranking.

Actually, I don't think you should take this kind of ranking very seriously especially since we don't know how the results were derived so please don't fret over it. I'm not an expert in this area too but I hope that I was able to help clarify some of your doubts. ^__^

Anonymous said...

Hey, thank you for helping me to feel at ease ^^

I think I feel much better after taking out what I thought about the ranking.

I totally agree with you and a drama with low viewership rating doesn't always mean it's not good, people have different tastes and preferences.

neko said...

I like Yonekura-san, although they focus too much on her physical appearance in her dramas --- ok, she has nice legs (for a 41-year old), but I think she is a very good actress quite aside from her appearance and deserves some more 'cerebral' roles.

長い髪の少女 said...

What happened to Ueno Juri ... has she totally fallen out of the rankings..?