Saturday, January 21, 2017

New omnibus movie "Blue Hearts ga kikoeru" to be screened from 8 April 2017

The new omnibus movie "Blue Hearts ga kikoeru" based on the same-titled song from legendary band THE BLUE HEARTS which disbanded in 1995, will be shown at cinemas from 8 April. The film consists of six stories based on different interpretations of the song and is directed by six directors. The lead actors for the stories include Ono Machiko, Ichihara Hayato, Saito Takumi, Nagase Masatoshi, Yuka and Toyokawa Etsushi. Although the film was at risk of not being able to be screened due to the problems at the production company, there was a cloud funding exercise on Makuake from 7 December which raised a certain amount of funds thus enabling the film's screening to be finalised. The fund raising exercise will run till 15 February.

Ono who stars in the story "Hammer (48-oku no Bruce)" directed by Iizuka Ken, revealed that she accepted the offer even before she finished reading the script and is full of praise for the script. As for Ichihara who stars in the science fiction story "Hito ni yasashiku" directed by Shimoyama Ten, commented that he enjoyed the filming as which gave him the chance to experience a futuristic environment very different from his own life and called upon everyone to keep a lookout for the action scenes.

Saito who stars in the story "Love Letter" by Iguchi Noboru, expressed thanks to everyone who supported the movie and said that it felt as if their hard work had paid off. While filming the movie, he was glad to have experienced and learnt what it means to do something for someone. As for Nagase who co-stars with Mizuhara Kiko in "Jounetsu no Bara" directed by Kudo Shinichi, he commented that the film met with difficulties like a difficult labour but thanks to everyone, the film is finally able to meet everyone so he hopes that many people can get to see this.

Yuka who stars in "Shounen no Uta" directed by Shimizu Takashi, had worked together with the director back in the 2005 movie "Rinne" and expressed joy to be able to participate in this movie. Last but not least, Toyokawa who stars in Lee Sang-il's "1001 no Violin", recounted that he had to wear protective gear and had strong and cold winds blown at him and his co-star Miura Takahiro during the filming near the Fukushima No.1 nuclear power plant.


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