Sunday, January 01, 2017

Okada Yoshinori & Tabata Tomoko reported to be getting married soon?

Okada Yoshinori and Tabata Tomoko are said to be planning to get married soon as reported on 31 December. However, details such as the marriage registration date have not been confirmed yet. Tabata is set to perform in a stage play from 7 January to 15 January so it is expected that they may take action after that.

The couple's relationship which was said to have started in 2011, first came to light in November 2015 when Tabata was sent to a hospital by an ambulance from Okada's apartment after she cut her left wrist there. Although she denied that she had attempted suicide and said that the injury was caused by a slip of her hand while cutting a pumpkin, there was a lot of speculation that the truth was different from her account. After the controversy over the incident, they went their separate ways for a while but got back together in early summer last year.

When contacted by the media, both agencies admitted that Okada and Tabata are an item. However, Tabata's agency said that there are no plans yet with regard to marriage while Okada's agency said that this is his private matter and will leave things to him.

Sources: Sanspo / Yomiuri Hochi

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