Friday, December 04, 2015

Ayano Go to star in new movie "Nihon de Ichiban Warui Yatsura"

Ayano Go is starring in a new movie titled "Nihon de Ichiban Warui Yatsura" (The Worst Bad Guys in Japan) due to be shown in cinemas from 25 June net year. The movie directed by Shiraishi Kazuya is based on the "Inaba Case" which is regarded as the biggest blemish in the Japanese police history where Ayano will play a corrupt police inspector who strongly believes in upholding justice and yet falls to temptation from the evil. The story timeline will span a total of 26 years. During the filming of this movie, Ayano had to gain and then lose 10kg for his role.

The Inaba Case began in 2002 where a police inspector from the Hokkaido Prefectural Police named Inaba Yoshiaki was arrested for seemingly mild offences of drug consumption and possession as well as illegal possession of firearms. As his trial proceeded, it became clear that some police officers in the Hokkaido Prefectural Police were guilty of bogus investigations which made their performances look better than actual and the later discovery in 2013 of receiving criminal proceeds from the yakuza. Ayano's role will be modeled on Inaba who has since been released from prison in September 2011 after serving his 9-year sentence. Upon his release, Inaba wrote the book "Hajisarashi Hokkaidokei Akutoku Keiji no Kokuhaku" which was published in October the following year.

Despite being very busy this year with 5 movie releases and starring in the ongoing TBS Autumn 2015 drama "Kounodori", Ayano still decided to take on this role in just three days after being approached so as to work together with Shiraishi. The filming took place between June and July this year. At the beginning, Ayano put on 10kg in order to look like a built-up police inspector who used to be a judo club member during his university days. He also had to go through intense judo training as part of the preparations for the training. Towards the end of the filming, he went back to his original weight so as to look like his character who was facing immense pressure before he was due to be arrested. Post-production work for the movie is due to be completed by February next year.

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