Sunday, December 06, 2015

WaT announces their decision to disband next February

Music duo WaT's members Wentz Eiji and Koike Teppei announced during their concert "WaT 10th Anniversary Live 2015" held at Shinagawa Stellar Ball on 6 December that they will be disbanding and focus on their solo music careers from 11 February 2016. The concert was their first in 8 years and was attended by about 1,800 people. Despite the fact that fans were happy to see the duo again after such a long time, they were shocked to hear the news as Wentz wept when he made the announcement. The duo had suspended their group activities for as long as 5 years when they were focused on their acting careers. Wentz explained that during that time, they had both come to realise that their future goals and directions are different thus making it impossible for them to put in 100% for their activities under the name of WaT. Koike also stressed that this is a positive step for them as they try to do better than now thus they asked for the understanding and acceptance of this decision by their fans.

WaT began its musical activities from 2002 on the streets near Yoyogi Park and made their indies debut in November 2004. The following year, they released their single "Boku no Kimochi" which was their major debut work and achieved the record of being the No.1 fastest new artiste to make it to the Kouhaku since their debut. They made their solo music debut in 2007 and were focusing on their separate activities since then. It was only until 2010 that they released another single under WaT's name and they waited till February this year to announce that they were beginning to resume group activities again. The duo will release their best hits album titled "Sotsugyo BEST / WaT" on 10 February next year and follow up with a handshaking event at Tokyo's NEW PIER HALL to mark the finale of their group activities.

Source: Oricon

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