Saturday, December 19, 2015

Abe Hiroshi wraps up filming for TBS Autumn 2015 drama "Shitamachi Rocket"

Abe Hiroshi made a live appearance on TBS morning variety programme "Ousama no Brunch" on 19 Dec, hours after he wrapped up filming for the ongoing drama "Shitamachi Rocket" which is about to air its final episode the following night. He revealed that he had been filming at Chigasaki in Kanagawa Prefecture right up to 4.30am and reached the TBS HQ in Akasaka, Tokyo, at 8.20am in order to make it for the morning broadcast. During the journey, although he had taken a brief nap, it was still tough on him to go without sleep and stay alert for the live show.

Abe revealed that the scene shot at Chigasaki featured him and Koizumi Kotaro who played Shiina Naoyuki. That scene spanned 25 pages in the script thus there were so many lines that the two of them had to say. In addition, the director wanted to take shots from different angles thus the same scene was repeated as many as more than 10 times.

Looking back at the 3-month filming period, Abe commented that he had never got angry, cried, lamented and pleaded so much in such a short time. As for the final episode, he said that the central theme of good prevailing over evil will be wrapped up in such a way that the tension built up so far can be released in a satisfactory manner. He also expressed his happiness at getting this role even as he has hit 50 and thinks that this drama has re-ignited the passion within him so he sees this production as something very special to him.

Source: Sponichi

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