Saturday, December 19, 2015

Special screening event of new WOWOW drama "Arechi no Koi"

The special screening event of new WOWOW drama "Arechi no Koi" was held at Tokyo International Forum on 17 December which was attended by the leads Toyokawa Etsushi and Suzuki Kyoka and the director Watanabe Takayoshi. The drama which is based on Naoki Award winner Nejime Shoichi's long novel, features Toyokawa as Kitazawa Taro, a poet who works at a news agency and gets into a forbidden relationship with his best friend's wife Akiko (Suzuki).

Toyokawa and Suzuki last worked together about 10 years ago so when asked to comment about their collaboration this time, he said that he was very honoured to work with her since she has become such a famous actress who everyone knows of. In addition, he also praised her for being charming as her character. In response to his praises, Suzuki said that it was a pleasant experience to work with Toyokawa and that he was able to bring out the essence of his character in the drama. Director Watanabe revealed that he had brought up the proposal to adapt the novel into a drama to the author Nejime 7 years ago so he was happy to see this project finally materialise and that Nejime also attended the event to support them.

The drama which consists of 5 episodes, will be showed on WOWOW Prime from 9 January at 10pm on Saturdays.


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