Friday, December 25, 2015

Kimura Yoshino & Kitamura Kazuki to play a married couple in NTV drama SP "Boku no Inochi"

Kimura Yoshino and Kitamura Kazuki will be playing a married couple in the upcoming NTV drama SP "Boku no Inochi" (My Life) which is expected to be shown in spring next year. The drama SP is based on a true story about a family who fights against a serious illness affecting one of their children. Kimura plays the role of the mother named Michiyo while Kitamura plays her husband. In the drama SP, they have three sons but their happiness is shattered by the news of their second son Yuhei diagnosed with hepatoblastoma at the age of 4 years old. The role of Yuhei will be played by child actor Yokoyama Ayumu.

Kimura who is a mother of 2 girls, said that while reading the script, it always made her cry. The situation was quite serious in that the rehearsals were kept short and simple or else her makeup would be gone due to the crying even before the filming.  In particular, the thought of what the family had to go through in real life was very upsetting to her especially since her elder daughter also happens to be 4 years old now which was when the child in the story was first diagnosed with the illness. As this is a true story after all, she had put in extra effort and sincerity so as to show due respect to the family who was affected by this. Kimura also thanked her co-star for encouraging her before the start of the filming and said that they should aim to be like a real family so as to make the story more convincing. Kitamura commented that different viewers would have their interpretations of this drama SP but he hopes that by showing how the family rallies together to fight against fate might give some inspiration or send some form of a message to the viewers about family ties.

Source: Yomiuri Hochi

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