Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Ways to contact me

Hi everyone, as noticed recently, some of you may wish to contact me on various issues and questions but there is no messaging function on the blog. As such, some of you have taken to using the comments section which is entirely fine with me. Nonetheless, the conversation may deviate from the topic of the post so here are my suggestions on the alternative ways which you can use to contact me:

1) The Facebook fan page
Simply "like" the page and use the message function on the right side of the page to send me a private message. Otherwise, you can create a post for the discussion topic on the page if it's something which everyone may like to read about.

2) The Twitter page
You can send a private message to me via the Twitter page's Messages function.

As it is not convenient to post my email address here, please make use of these methods to contact me as need be. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Anonymous said...

sorry for bother you

can you translate for me?

Anonymous said...

forget to add, i don't have Facebook and Twitter but you can e-mail me via yandex