Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Yoshida Eisaku & Hirako Risa announce their divorce

Yoshida Eisaku and Hirako Risa have gone their separate ways after they submitted their divorce application to a ward office on 21 December. Yoshida's agency announced the news on the following day along with his statement which revealed that the couple started to talk about this topic since the end of last year. Yoshida cited the reason of differences in their lifestyles due to their work and living environments as the key reason for the breakdown of their marriage. Nonetheless, they both hope that they will be able to move on from this, remain as friends and head towards their personal goals in life in time to come. He ended the statement by asking for everyone's continued support for them from now on.

Yoshida was said to be filming for a drama in Nagoya and returned to Tokyo on 19 December when the couple discussed the topic of divorce again and decided to call it quits. He has since returned to Nagoya to continue with the filming.

Yoshida and Hirako got married in 1997 but they were living apart soon after that as Yoshida went to the United States for acting training.

Source: Oricon


Aqi said...

Uwaa, personally quite shocked to hear the news, not that I'm following or admired this couple, just not expecting the news. Only have watched Yoshida Eisaku in drama Platonic and thought he's a good actor and quite an attractive man for his age. Anyway, reading on the net looks like this couple has been long regarded as one of the so-called 'kamen-fufu' or superficial couple, and both have cheating rumors with pictures taken, well if those true then indeed divorce is better I think.

Chiaki said...

If I remember correctly, Hirako was romantically linked to another actor sometime earlier this year but they denied the rumours then.

Anyway, considering that if they started discussing this topic a year ago and it took them that long to come to a consensus, it could be that there was some issue they didn't agree on or one party was reluctant to sign the papers. In any case, if going their separate ways is for the better, there's no harm going through that rather than have to put on an act.