Saturday, December 12, 2015

Nakatani Miki to star in new TBS Spring 2016 drama "Watashi kekkon dekinainjanakute, shinain desu"

Nakatani Miki will be starring in the new TBS Spring 2016 drama "Watashi kekkon dekinainjanakute, shinain desu" (It's not that I can't get married, I just don't do it) which will begin its run from April 2016 in the Fridays 10pm timeslot. The drama is based on the romance manual book "Sparta Kekkon Juku" (Sparta Marriage Cram School) published by Mizuno Keiya in 2014 and is targeted at women to teach them how to break their misconceptions about romance by addressing issues from a man's perspective. It was made into a manga and drama titled "LOVE Riron" (Love Theory) which was shown on TV Tokyo this year. The scriptwriter for this drama will be Kaneko Arisa.

Nakatani plays the role of a 39-year-old single dermatologist named Tachibana Miyabi who operates her own clinic in the upscale area of Aoyama. Despite being beautiful and rich (annual salary of 15 million yen), she is regarded as a "left-behind" item in the dating market even though she enjoys her single life. One day, Miyabi visits a Japanese kappou cuisine restaurant with her female friends and starts bragging that she can get married anytime she wants to. Upon hearing this, Miyabi gets criticised by the owner of the restaurant named Tokura Seiji for being a woman who can't get married because she's pretty, rich and about 40 years old. This is the first time when she is told the harsh truth by someone and she finds herself going to Tokura for advice on romance in order to reverse this situation. Seto Koji will play Hashimoto Ryotaro who works at an organic cafe's delivery staff and is well-liked by the staff at Miyabi's clinic. Omasa Aya plays Nomura Rika who tries very hard to find a marriage partner even though she is only in her mid 30s. Tokui Yoshimi from the comedy duo Tutorial will play Sakurai Yosuke, a salaryman who was Miyabi's classmate and first love during senior high school and becomes her target again when they reunite. Last but not least, Natsuki Mari will play Shoko, Miyabi's mother who loves her daughter much and always appears in a kimono.

Nakatani commented that when she read the original book and script, she thought that Miyabi and her were very similar because they both have the same thinking. However, she started to worry if she was overly confident and started to doubt whether she is someone who can't get married. Especially when she saw in the book that there were recommendations on what type of clothes to wear in order to attract the attention of men, Nakatani said that those were clothes she would never wear so she would have to try them for the sake of this drama. She also hopes that this drama with some strong and poisonous words as well as a little bit of eroticism, will bring some hope to women who have been trying too hard and give them the courage to carry on in their pursuit towards their goals.

Source: Oricon

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