Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Koide Keisuke & Kimura Fumino star in new movie "Juujika"

Koide Keisuke and Kimura Fumino will be starring in the new movie "Juujika" (The Cross) which will be shown in cinemas from 6 February 2016. The film which is based on Shigematsu Kiyoshi's novel that won the Yoshikawa Eiji Bungaku Award, features Koide as Yuu and Kimura as Sayu who has to bear the stigma of their former classmate's suicide for 20 years. During the autumn of their second year in junior high school, their classmate nicknamed Fujijun (full name Fujii Shunsuke) suffered intensive bullying in class and committed suicide after leaving a suicide note. In it, Yuu was named as his best friend while the day when Fujijun died happened to be Sayu's birthday. As a result, the two of them had to bear the stigma of being somewhat associated with Fujijun's death as they grew up to become adults. On the other hand, Fujijun's father (Nagase Masatoshi) still feels that his son's classmates were responsible for his death and is unable to forgive them while his mother (Tomita Yasuko) is clinging onto her son's memories in order to survive.

The director Igarashi Sho was touched by the novel after reading it and made preparations for the filming by spending six months with the cast, students at Chikusei Junior High School as well as students selected through auditions in Ibaraki Prefecture in an acting workshop. The crew also worked closely with the local authorities in order to produce this movie which talks about various social problems.


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