Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Yamazaki Ikuzaburo & Abe Natsumi announce their marriage on 29 Dec

Yamazaki Ikuzaburo and Abe Natsumi announced through their respective agencies that they have registered their marriage on 29 December. They revealed that they had been dating for the past four years during which they overcame difficulties and enjoyed happy moments together. There are no plans for a wedding yet. They also happen to be the second celebrity couple who got married after working together in the stage play "Arashigaoka" 4 years ago, following Yamamoto Koji and Horikita Maki who acted in the same play in May this year and got married 3 months later.

In Yamazaki's statement, he praised Abe for having worked hard in her career since she made her debut in her teens and respected her for her thinking and lifestyle. He commented that they would support one another through the rest of their lives and hopes to do even better in future before ending the statement asking for everyone's support from now on.

On the other hand, Abe mentioned that she had been in showbiz for 18 years since she became a Morning Musume member at the age of 16 and thanked everyone for their support so far. She expressed joy at being able to form a family with her husband. From now on, she will continue with her career at a slower pace with her family life taking priority and hopes for the continuous support of everyone going forward.

Source: Oricon

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