Thursday, December 03, 2015

Oda Kazumasa to sing the theme song for the two-part movie of "64 - Rokuyon"

Oda Kazumasa will be singing the theme song for the two-part movie "64 - Rokuyon" where Part 1 will be screened from 7 May 2016 and Part 2 will be screened from 11 June 2016. The medium-tempo ballad titled "Kaze wa yanda" (The Wind Stopped) is Oda's first movie theme song in 5 years and was written after he read the original novel and script of the movie.

"64 - Rokuyon" is based on the police detective novel by Yokoyama Hideo about an unsolved kidnap and murder of a young girl in the last year of the Showa era i.e. Showa 64th year thus giving it the nickname of Rokuyon. 14 years later, another kidnap case arises which brings back memories of the Rokuyon that was regarded as a blemish in the police's history. The two-part movie features Sato Koichi as the lead character Mikami who used to be part of the investigation of the Rokuyon and is now a public relations officer. He commented that when he read the original novel, he already realised that it would be a tough job to act in this movie so he was mentally prepared for the challenge. As for the theme song, Sato commented that when Oda sings the theme song at the end of the movie, it gives the peaceful feeling that a long battle has finally ended and things have settled down. The director Zeze Takahisa also stressed that Oda's song is especially fitting as a sign of hope for people who still miss the days of the Showa era and lament the feeling of loss due to the end of that period in their lives.

Source: Yomiuri Hochi

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junny said...

I watched the drama version of 64 and feel it will do better as a film - the pacing will be much tighter and certain things can be cut down or thrown out. Pierre Taki was good as Mikami though, and it's interesting Eita will play the role his brother had.