Sunday, January 01, 2017

Guess the winners in the first Dorama World Awards 2016 and stand to win a prize!

Thank you for your voting in the first Dorama World Awards 2016 for the seven categories!

I have tabulated the results and am pleased to share with you the top 5 in each category. The sole exception is for the Best Couple group which has six entries because there are two couples with the same number of points.

Please proceed to this Google Form to fill in your guesses for the winners in each category before 7 January 2017, 11.59pm GMT +8.  Any entries submitted after this will not be counted.

The top 5 respondents with the most correct answers stand to win a small prize from me. As such, that is why I need your contact information either in the form of your Facebook or Twitter username (to send a private message through the portals) OR your email address.

Have fun guessing the winners and good luck in winning a prize for the new year!

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