Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Gouriki Ayame to star in new Amazon Prime Video drama "Face Cyber Hanzai Tokusouhan"

Gouriki Ayame will be starring in the new Amazon Prime Video drama "Face Cyber Hanzai Tokusouhan" (Face Cyber Crime Special Investigation Section) which will be shown from 11 July. The 10-episode drama describes how a group of people with special abilities come together to form the Cyber Crime Special Investigation Unit (nicknamed Face) which deals with serious cyber crimes. Filming began from 18 May and is currently in progress. A new episode will be released for viewing every Wednesday.

Gouriki plays the lead character Yuuki Rin who has lived with her elder brother Koichiro after their parents passed away. Koichi works as a IT engineer for the government but later joins a cyber crime group which leads to Rin being shot by his gun. Rin manages to survive and is then invited to join Face due to her profiling abilities. While fighting cyber crimes, Rin tries to look for and save Koichiro who is on the run. Co-stars include Miura Takahiro who plays Koichiro, Murakami Hiroaki who plays Face's leader Minegishi Shugoro as well as Face's members played by Konishi Ryosei, Matsushita Yuuya, Koichi Mantarou and Tominaga Saori.

Gouriki commented that this drama's story about cyber crimes is especially fitting for this era and there will be quite a lot of action scenes. She is thankful to be given a chance to play a type of character which she had never attempted before so she thinks that she will be able to learn a lot through the filming of this drama which will most likely be her last drama as a 24-year-old and her first upon turning 25 as her birthday falls on 27 August.

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Kathy Bungard said...

Does this mean that usa will be showing this?

Chiaki said...

Hi Kathy, I'm not too familiar with the Amazon platform so I can't say for sure about this drama. You may have to check the US version portal to see if the title is there for viewing after the release date. I do remember reading before that some portals like Hulu have geographical-restricted releases so there is a chance that some titles may not be available in certain places. On the other hand, Netflix's titles from Japan don't seem to have the same issue. Do correct me if I'm wrong though! ^__^