Monday, July 10, 2017

Nakajou Ayami & Sano Hayato to star in new movie "3D Kanojo Real Girl"

Nakajou Ayami and Sano Hayato will be starring in the new real-life adaptation movie "3D Kanojo Real Girl" (3D Girlfriend Real Girl" based on the same-titled manga by Nanami Mao which has accumulated sales of more than 1 million copies to date. The movie will be shown in cinemas next year.

The story features Nakajou as the lead character Igarashi Iroha who is the subject of attention in school, flashy, stuck-up and has lots of dating experience while Sano plays Tsutsui Hikaru who has no luck in love and is more keen on his otaku interests. One day, while being forced to clean the school's pool with the pretty Iroha, he gets an unexpected declaration of love from her. This makes Hikaru suspect that he is the new target of bullying and he doesn't trust Iroha to be serious about him. However, when it turns out that she's indeed interested in him, he ends up being twisted around her little finger due to her carefree and unpredictable character. As Hikaru tries to improve his communication abilities through his interaction with Iroha, he becomes the target of pranks by another handsome guy in school Mitsuya who is jealous about Hikaru's relationship with Iroha.

Nakajo commented that when she read the original manga, she was very happy to be able to play a character from such a story bursting with love. Although she is nervous about playing such a difficult character, she expressed her wish to enjoy the filming process and make a movie which will leave a deep impression on everyone. On the other hand, Sano said that he took a liking to Tsutsui after reading the manga since the latter is actually a serious guy who is passionate about the things he loves although people may see him as a dull guy due to his lack of communication powers. As such, he will try his best to portray this character so as to be as close to Tsutsui as depicted in the story.


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