Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Completion screening event of TV Tokyo Summer 2017 drama "Dead Stock Michi e no Chousen"

The completion screening event of TV Tokyo Summer 2017 drama "Dead Stock Michi e no Chousen" was held at its old HQ building in Kamiya-cho, Tokyo, on 13 July which was attended by cast members Murakami Nijirou and hayami Akari as well as the chief director Gonno Hajime. The drama begins its run from 21 July in the Fridays 12.52am timeslot.

The drama is an original horror story set at the new HQ building of TV Tokyo in Roppongi after it moved from Kamiya-cho in 2016. As a result of the move, Tsuneda Riku (Murakami), a newbie assistant director, gets assigned to work at the unconfirmed materials centre which stores a huge volume of footage yet to be organised and disposed of. While feeling disappointed at the gap between his ideals and reality, Riku accidentally finds an old video tape containing footage of supernatural phenomena. At the instigation of his senior Saori who is a director, Riku is forced to continue filming the supernatural happenings in order to make it into a complete programme but this causes him to go through a frightening and unbelievable experience. Hayami will be playing the role of Nikaidou Saori who is a newbie director and works together with Riku on the filming of the supernatural happenings. Tanaka Tetsushi will be playing the role of Sayama Satoru, a veteran director.

As there is always talk about supernatural happenings when filming horror works, Murakami revealed that he actually thought that something like this happened to him on the first day of the filming as he was shocked to see a strange stain on his copy of the script but the others didn't have it. Later, he discovered that it was just a stain due to his script being wet.

Hayami who had been unwell since three days ago, apologised with her hoarse voice and joked that this must be because she had been cursed for acting in a horror story. She also revealed that there was a scene shot at a famous haunted place where she had to carry a doll which led to her having a severe headache and stiff neck the following day. In response to this, Murakami and Gonno said that this must be because of Hayami who tends to "attract" the spirits because she seems to be the only one to suffer the effects of these supernatural incidents even though Murakami is also there for the filming. Hayami chipped in to reveal that this could be true because she always saw things which others couldn't since she was a child and would fall sick if she was shocked by what she saw.

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