Thursday, July 27, 2017

Fujisawa Ema announces her impending marriage on 21 August

Fujisawa Ema will be marrying her boyfriend who is 3 years older than her on 21 August as reported in the media on 17 July. The couple reportedly met 15 years ago when Fujisawa came to Tokyo from her hometown in Kagawa to attend Sophia University and joined the school's tennis club. Her boyfriend was her senior then and had taken care of her since she was new to the city. However, as Fujisawa won the Grand Prix in the model audition of fashion magazine "non-no" in her first year at university, she became so busy juggling studies and work that they didn't date as a couple. Nonetheless, her boyfriend still sent her emails every year on her birthday and always showed her concern. When Fujisawa went to Los Angeles for language studies in 2009, he also visited her there when he was on a business trip. 3 years ago, he asked her to be her girlfriend but she asked for time to consider and it was only until 21 August last year when she finally agreed. He then proposed to her on her birthday last year i.e. 26 December. The wedding ceremony is expected to be held in autumn this year after their marriage registration in August.

Fujisawa said that as the relationship between her and her boyfriend had been that of a senior and junior for a long time, it took some time for them to get closer and he had waited so long for her because she is the type to take her own sweet time. She also revealed that she had informed Kagawa Teruyuki and Katahira Nagisa who played her parents in the 2004 NHK morning drama "Tenka" and they were so happy for her that they cried.

As Fujisawa is currently filming the FujiTV Summer 2017 drama "Seshiru no Mokuromi", her co-stars including Maki Youko, Ito Ayumi and Itaya Yuka held a celebration for her on 16 July when they presented her with flowers and a tiara. She thanked everyone for the celebration and said that this was an unforgettable surprise.

Sources: Nikkansports / Sanspo

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