Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Production press conference of TV Asahi Summer 2017 drama "Aino Kekkon Soudanjo"

The production press conference of TV Asahi Summer 2017 drama "Aino Kekkon Soudanjo" was held at Roppongi Hills Arena on 24 July which was attended by cast members Yamazaki Ikusaburo, Takanashi Rin, Kaga Takeshi, Maeda Bibari, Nakao Masaki and Yamaga Kotoko. The drama begins its run from 28 July in the Fridays 11.15pm timeslot. The drama which is based on the same-titled manga by Katou Yagi and Yagi Jun which was serialised between 2010 and 2016, is set in a legendary matchmaking agency where you have to pay 2 million yen to become a member but will be guaranteed a 100% success rate in finding your ideal marriage partner.

Yamazaki plays the role of the agency's manager Aino Shingo who is cold, pretentious and speaks harshly to his clients at times. Being a former assistant professor specialising in ethology, Aino is very well-versed in the behaviour of animals and insects and has a hobby of collecting such figures. He will stop at nothing to ensure that his clients find their perfect match by using his knowledge in his counselling sessions. On the other hand, Takanashi plays his assistant named Sister Elisabeth who wears a nun's outfit and has the tendency of falling in love with handsome clients. She is constantly mocked by Aino for having the brains of an insect but she always manages to help him cover up for his blunders at work.

At the beginning of the event, Yamazaki appeared on stage while singing the drama's theme song "Congratulations" and joined his co-stars in throwing balls signed by the cast to the audience. Yamazaki who is referred to as the prince of the musical world, commented on his character as someone who is very charming and thinks that he is really cool but actually gets laughed at by the people around him. As he has never played a character of this type before even in musicals, he is looking forward to creating a new world with his character with the songs, dance, piano playing and flashy costumes in this drama.

Takanashi who is working with Yamazaki for the first time, revealed that when she first met him, she was struck by how much he looks like a prince in pictures especially since he was holding a rose stalk with his mouth during the photoshoot. In response, Yamazaki said that he doesn't do such things normally and was only doing it because he was instructed to. Takanashi also commented that during a scene at the amusement park, he looked very suitable while riding a white horse. During the filming, he is the one who makes the atmosphere very lively which has also allowed her to be free to show her true self.

Sources: / Oricon

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