Friday, July 21, 2017

Winners of Nikkansports Sports Drama Grand Prix (Spring 2017)

There were 2,930 valid responses for this voting and numbers in brackets indicate the number of votes received for the drama or actor/actress:

Best Drama
1) Boku, Unmei no hito desu (1166)
2) Kizoku Tantei (703)
3) Reverse (203)
4) Chiisana Kyojin (125)
5) Hiyokko (107)

Best Leading Actor
1) Kamenashi Kazuya - Boku, Unmei no hito desu (1,025)
2) Aiba Masaki - Kizoku Tantei (726)
3) Fujiwara Tatsuya - Reverse (281)
4) Hasegawa Hiroki - Chiisana Kyojin (183)
5) Oguri Shun - CRISIS Kouan Kido Sousatai Tokusouhan (167)

Best Leading Actress
1) Sawajiri Erika - Haha ni naru (609)
2) Arimura Kasumi - Hiyokko (455)
3) Amami Yuki - Kinkyuu Torishirabeshitsu 2 (437)
4) Haru - Anata no koto wa sorehodo (313)
5) Shibasaki Kou - Onna Joshu Naotora (284)

Best Supporting Actor
1) Yamashita Tomohisa - Boku, Unmei no hito desu (1,020)
2) Takito Kenichi - Kizoku Tantei (330)
3) Namase Katsuhisa - Kizoku Tantei (184)
4) Mitsushima Shinnosuke - Boku, Unmei no hito desu (174)
5) Tamamori Yuuta - Reverse (150)

Best Supporting Actress
1) Kimura Fumino - Boku, Unmei no hito desu (904)
2) Nakayama Miho - Kizoku Tantei (327)
3) Takei Emi - Kizoku Tantei (206)
4) Nanao - Boku, Unmei no hito desu (179)
5) Toda Erika - Reverse (149)

Source: Nikkansports


Si Misbah said...

Congratulations for Yama-P.

junny said...

This is so hilarious that I can't even...

Anonymous said...

umm...Takei Emi is the leading actress of Kizoku Tantei...wierd

Chiaki said...

Takei is not considered the leading actress in Kizoku Tantei as Aiba is the sole lead. Unless there is specific mention of double leads, most Japanese dramas and movies would have just one leading actor or actress.

Chiaki said...

Hi junny, when compared to the results of the Oricon Confidence Award which I largely agree with, it feels as if we are looking at two entirely different seasons. Not to discredit all the winners so far but this award does have a very obvious preference shown by the voters towards Johnny's artistes which unfortunately also undermines their achievements even if they did do well.

junny said...

Hi Chiaki,
Haha, is this like a Johnny's sponsored award? Kame and Yamapi seriously? Sigh. And I'm surprised CRISIS only got one nomination. Surely it was not worse than Boku Unmei (the bar is already set so low for that one)...