Sunday, August 28, 2016

Oda Yuji to star in TBS Autumn 2016 drama "IQ 246 ~ Karei naru Jikenbo ~"

Oda Yuji will be starring in the TBS Autumn 2016 drama "IQ246 ~ Karei naru Jikenbo ~" (IQ246 ~ The gorgeous case files ~) which will begin its run from October 2016 in the Sundays 9pm timeslot. This episodic mystery drama also features Nakatani Miki, Tsuchiya Tao and Dean Fujioka in the cast lineup. This is the first TBS drama series which Oda is starring in 9 years since Spring 2007's "Joudan janai!".

Oda plays the role of Houmonji Sharaku, the 89th generation descendant of the noble Houmonji clan which had been focused on the pursuit of knowledge and research especially in the field of criminology. Being the eldest male heir of the clan in his generation, Sharaku has inherited an IQ of 246 while most people's IQs range from 70 to 130. Being so smart, Sharaku finds that there is nothing much in society which is stimulating to him intellectually and keeps lamenting that he's too free. As his clan had amassed so much wealth due to their intelligence, Sharaku doesn't have to work so he spends his time trying to find mysteries and difficult cases which are worth his time and effort to solve. Although Sharaku is armed with a huge volume of knowledge and a keen observation eye, he has a different value system compared to commoners so is viewed as a weirdo.

Oda commented that he is happy to meet an innovative and capable creative team this time and looks forward to the start of the filming. As this is the first time he is playing such a character, he hopes that the viewers will be happy to see this and called upon them to meet him and his co-stars at 9pm on Sundays.

As for Tsuchiya, she is playing a police detective named Watou Souko who rushes headlong into things and is assigned to protect Sharaku while he investigates cases. She commented that upon hearing about the offer, she was nervous about playing a police detective because she had always wanted to play such a character sometime in her career but this came faster than she expected. However, she will put in her best for this role especially since it's been some time she is acting in a drama without an original material so it will be extremely challenging for her.

Fujioka plays the role of Oda's buddy and butler of the Houmonji clan named Kensei who is very fit physically and will be involved in many action scenes. Working with Oda for the first time, Fujioka commented that he is honoured to be working with Oda who is a senior and like a brother and pledged to work hard for his role.

Nakatani plays the role of Morimoto Tomomi who is an atypical medical coroner that is fascinated by Sharaku's investigative ability. She commented that she is especially excited to see how Oda will play the role of Sharaku who is so smart. As for her character, Nakatani described her as someone who believes that humans may lie but dead people wouldn't so she is full of passion for forensic medicine and identifies with Sharaku who listens to the words of the dead and seeks justice for them. She said that Tomomi is almost as weird as Sharaku so it will be worth checking out their weirdo battle on screen through this drama.

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Anonymous said...

Usually this kind of story would be put for a late-night slot, but with many top star in the cast and the main timeslot given to it, I'm curious to find out if it really will be that great. From the poster and the story synopsis looks interesting but let's be honest there had been a lot of stories like that so far about super rich and or super genius lead with very weird character. So the production team should show that this drama is different and won't be boring. Before this drama was confirmed, I heard a rumor that at first it's supposed to be a double-lead with Oda and Dean but suddenly from Oda's side sent a rejection. Dean supposed to be best friend turn out be the main villain. Well I want to see how their chemistry will look like.

Chiaki said...

Not too optimistic about the story which seems too familiar but I'm hoping that they can prove me wrong and not waste such a star-studded cast.