Wednesday, August 10, 2016

10th Anniversary Game: Guess The Drama? - Round 11 (UPDATED with final hint)

How did you find Round 10? Granted that the photo of Endo Kenichi with a rather cheerful expression in contrast to his "scary looks" was open to interpretation and that there could be a number of possible answers since Endo had acted in many dramas to date, I was still surprised to see correct answers within minutes after I posted the question. It seems like nothing is too difficult for you guys! ^__^

The answer for Round 10 was:

Fumou Chitai 不毛地帯

This FujiTV drama which was broadcast from October 2009 to March 2010, featured a star-studded cast starting with Karasawa Toshiaki, Wakui Emi, Yanagiba Toshiro, Furuta Arata, Hashizume Isao, Koyuki etc. In the first hint, Tabe Mikako and Saito Takumi played Karasawa's and Wakui's children in the drama while the second hint was with reference to the story's time setting during the Showa era.

Here is the leaderboard at the end of this round (players with at least 15 points):

46 points - Nanda Motta
45 points - tweetpersecond
42 points - Madoka / Vie Chan
39 points - mikilove13
33 points - Dendi Darkexodia
29 points - AlexAndrA ☆ 玉森
28 points - R
23 points - Cris Ogr
20 points - Audrey Lilian Cussoy
19 points - Domoto Ama
15 points - yorknell

For Round 11, please refer to the photo above and tell me the name of the drama which this came from. If you manage to get the correct answer from now till the first clue is revealed, you will earn 5 points.

Good luck!

UPDATE 1: Here is the first hint to help you with this round:

Yuukan Top 夕刊トップ

If you answer correctly from now till the next hint is revealed, you will earn 3 points.

UPDATE 2: Here is the last hint for this round:

Tomosaka Rie ともさかりえ

If you get this correct from now till the deadline, you will earn 1 point.

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