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10th Anniversary Game: Guess The Drama? - Round 4 (UPDATED with last hint)

How do you find this game so far? Difficult? Easy? Judging from the results, it looks like Round 3 was a walk in the park for many players who scored 5 marks. And here's the answer to Round 3:

14-sai no Haha 14才の母

This Autumn 2006 drama from NTV featured Shida Mirai as a 14-year-old junior high school girl who gets pregnant and is faced with the choice of whether to give birth to the baby. However, when she makes up her mind to keep the baby, she has to deal with pressure and social stigma for being a young unwed mother. At the time when this drama was shown, there was controversy over its glorifying of teenage sex and pregnancy so many complaints were made to the BPO (Broadcasting Ethics & Program Improvement Organisation). The drama was also ranked No.2 in the 2006 PTA (Parents-Teachers Association) ranking of TV programmes that parents and teachers would not want to let children watch. Despite so, the drama won the December 2006 Monthly Galaxy Award, the 44th Galaxy Award (the only private network to win) and Best Award in the Heisei 19th year Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association.

The song posted as the question was the theme song "Shirushi" by Mr.Children. As for the first clue, "aisuru tame ni umaretekita 愛するために生まれてきた" (born for the sake of love) was the drama's catchphrase. The second clue Inoue Yumiko was the name of the drama's scriptwriter.

This is how the leaderboard looks like at the end of Round 3:

15 points

13 points
Vie Chan

11 points
AlexAndrA ☆ 玉森
Nanda Motta
Dendi Darkexodia

10 points

9 points
Domoto Ama

6 points
Cris Ogr
Audrey Lilian Cussoy

5 points

4 points

1 point

For Round 4, please refer to the photo in this post and tell me the name of the drama where this came from. You will earn 5 points from now until the first clue is released.

Good luck!

UPDATE 1: Is this round too easy or is it because you guys are too good at this? ^__^ Quite a number of you have already answered this correctly in the past 12 hours! For those who aren't sure of the answer yet, here is a hint to help you:

Akai Mihiro 赤井三尋

If you get the correct answer from now until the next hint is revealed, you will earn 3 points.

UPDATE 2: The last hint for this round is:


If you get the correct answer from now till 11.59pm (GMT +8), you will earn 1 point.

I'll like to make use of this opportunity to clarify on some things. First of all, as I mentioned in the first post on this game, I need you to provide at least a nickname so that I can identify you and keep track of your score. If you still choose to post your answers on the blog post under the name Anonymous, I really can't do anything about it since I won't be able to tell this Anonymous from that Anonymous. Moreover, I won't be able to tell you if your answer is correct and you'll have to wait till the end of the current round to find out.

Secondly, I have indicated that the acceptable ways to submit your answers should be via the direct messaging system on Facebook or Twitter. The main reason why I chose to do it this way was because I didn't want to expose your email addresses on the blog nor do I want to do the same for mine. In this way, we can reduce the likelihood of spam to our email accounts and having our accounts compromised in the event of hacking.

Last but not least, I am promoting the use of the messaging system on the blog's Facebook or Twitter pages not because they paid me to do so. It's primarily because I want to keep your answers confidential i.e. known to you and me only and that I can tell you directly if your answers are correct. If I am to do this on the blog's comment section, not only would you have to keep refreshing the blog to see my comments, your answers will become "inspiration" to those who have yet to get it correct. Since we are playing for prizes at the end of the game, I thought it would be fairer if we don't expose your answers to everyone else who is also playing this game. If you don't have a Twitter or Facebook account for whatever reason, I hope that you can kindly consider creating one (it shouldn't take you a long time) and submit your answers through their messaging service. Even after this game ends, you can still get notifications whenever the blog is updated so the account will still be useful in that sense.

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