Monday, August 08, 2016

10th Anniversary Game: Guess The Drama? - Round 9 (UPDATED with last hint)

How was the previous round? I hope that you had fun breezing through the weekend questions!

The answer for Round 8 was:

Nodame Cantabile

The scene featured in the photo used for this question was in the last episode when Chiaki (Tamaki Hiroshi) went to Nodame's (Ueno Juri) hometown in Fukuoka to look for her and he was hugging her from the back. However, when he realised that Nodame's father had seen this, that was why he had the expression shown in the photo.  As for the hints, the first piece of music "Rhapsody in Blue" was one of the theme songs for the drama for the names Ryutaro and Kiyora were the character names for Eita and Mizukawa Asami who played lovers in the drama.

Here is the leaderboard at the end of this round (players with at least 10 points and had participated in this round):

38 points
Vie Chan

36 points
Nanda Motta

35 points

33 points

29 points
AlexAndrA ☆ 玉森
Dendi Darkexodia

28 points

20 points
Cris Ogr

19 points
Audrey Lilian Cussoy

11 points

10 points

And now, here is the question for Round 9. Please listen to the BGM below and tell me the name of the drama which this came from. If you send the correct answer to me before the first hint is revealed, you will earn 5 points.

Good luck!

UPDATE 1: For those who have no clues about this, here is the first hint to help you:

Shibasaki Kou 

If you get the answer correct from now till the next hint is revealed, you will earn 3 points.

UPDATE 2: Please refer to the photo below for the final hint in this round.

If you provide the correct answer from now till 11.59pm (GMT +8), you will earn 1 point.

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