Friday, August 26, 2016

Nakashima Mika to sing the theme song for new movie "Boku no tsuma to kekkon shite kudasai"

Nakashima Mika will be singing the theme song for the new movie "Boku no tsuma to kekkon shite kudasai" starring Oda Yuji and Yoshida Yo which will be shown in cinemas from 5 November. The song titled "Forget Me Not" will be Nakashima's new single.

Miyake Yoshishige who is the director of this movie, met Nakashima 15 years ago when she made her singing and acting debut in his drama "Kizudarake no Love Song". At that time, Nakashima passed the audition and managed to secure the heroine role despite being a newbie. After such a long time, Miyake commented that he was very much looking forward to working with Nakashima again and is excited about being able to hear her voice in the movie. Nakashima commented that when she first got the offer, she had the impression that she was approached because the theme song was supposed to be a sad one. Although the movie is about how a dying husband tries to find the best remarriage partner for the wife he is going to leave behind. Nakashima realised that the song won't be focusing on the sadness aspect only but also includes the warmth behind this sad feeling.

Source: Oricon

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