Monday, August 01, 2016

10th Anniversary Game: Guess The Drama? - Round 2 (UPDATED with last hint)

For those who have attempted Round 1, here is the correct answer:

Atami no Sousakan 熱海の捜査官

This drama which featured Odagiri Jo in the leading role, was shown during the Summer 2010 season set in a fictitious city called Minami Atami. His buddy was played by Kuriyama Chiaki and co-stars included Tanaka Tetsushi, Matsushige Yutaka, Matsuo Suzuki, Miyoshi Ayaka, Yamazaki Kento, Nikaidou Fumi and Sometani Shota. The sound clip which I posted as the question was its main theme which had a jazz feel. With regard to the hints given, the first hint i.e.Yamazaki Kento and Nikaidou Fumi played half-siblings where he was the child of the mayor's lover while she was the child of the mayor's wife. As for the second hint, Tokyo Jihen sung the theme song "Tengoku e youkoso" for this drama.

The following players have received the points stated below for sending the correct answer to me (in the order from earliest to latest):

Madoka - 5 points
mikilove13 - 3 points
Vie Chan - 3 points
Tika - 3 points
Cris Ogr - 3 points
AlexAndrA ☆ 玉森 - 3 points
Nanda Motta - 1 point
Domoto Ama - 1 point
Dendi Darkexodia - 1 point
bibiw - 1 point

Looks like Round 1 was pretty tough but I hope it won't discourage you from attempting the later rounds! I will be including some "giveaway" questions during this period which will be open for a shorter period of time rather than for the entire 24 hours. As long as you answer before the time limit, you'll be able to earn some points along the way so do check the blog once you see the notifications sent out via Facebook and Twitter. I won't be able to tell you if you are correct when answers are submitted via the comments section on the blog so I seek your understanding in this regard since I can't expose the answer before the current round ends. For those who submitted answers via Facebook and Twitter, I will let you know if you are correct. As such, if you don't get any response from me within 2 hours (except if it's in the wee hours of the morning in Singapore), you will know that your answer is incorrect.

In the event that your first answer was incorrect but you manage to provide the correct answer after hints were given, your score will be as such:
No hints given - 5 points
1 hint given - 3 points
2 hints given - 1 point

Now, we'll begin Round 2. Please refer to the photo in this post and tell me the name of the drama in which this dish was featured.

If you get this correct before I send out any hints, you will get 5 points. Have fun!

UPDATE 1: Seems like Round 2 is a lot more easier as I have received quite a number of correct answers so far. Nonetheless, here's a hint for those who may still be undecided or clueless about the answer for this round:

From colleagues to man and wife

I think this might be rather easy to guess by now so good luck to those who have yet to play in this round! If you get it correct now, you will get three points.

UPDATE 2: This is the last hint for this round so if you get it correct from now till 11.59pm (GMT +8), you will get one point.

Fuku, Taisuke, Katsuo

Good luck!


Madoka said...

It's Gochisousan.

(Do you have an account on DA? I could PM you my guesses there, but it would be more work for you. I have the same name there. No worries if that doesn't work.)

Chiaki said...

Hi Madoka, by DA, which website are you referring to? I'm fine with you sending your answers here. It's just that if you happen to be correct, I can't send a confirmation to you since it will expose the answers to other players.

Madoka said...

Sorry, D-Addicts.

Yeah, I was looking for a way to get confirmation so that I could stop thinking about it. Really fun game, BTW.

Chiaki said...

Hi Madoka,

Sorry but no account on DA. Or do you want to sign up for Twitter or Facebook instead? At the very least, you can get notifications when the question is posted and if your answer is correct. It will be easier to contact you directly through these methods rather than having to ask for your email address through here later if you do win one of the top 3 prizes.