Friday, August 26, 2016

Ono Machiko to star in TV Asahi drama SP "Sogeki" as a police detective

Ono Machiko will be appearing as a police detective for the first time in the upcoming TV Asahi drama SP "Sogeki" (Sniping) which will be shown this autumn. The story which is based on the novel "Sogeki Chika Sousakan" by Nagase Shunsuke, features Ono as a police detective Kozuki Ryoko who tries to uncover the truth behind the cover-up of an assassination attempt on the next prime minister 15 years ago due to a power struggle within the police force. Although Ryoko used to belong to the first division of the Metropolitan Police Department, she was transferred to the Nishi Koganei Police Station due to her affair with a married superior. Ryoko does not hold back and goes all out even at the expense of her safety just to catch criminals so she is ridiculed by those around her as a stupid woman who doesn't know how to brake. In the drama SP, she will be involved in a battle of wits and action with 10 other police detectives played by actors such as Sato Koichi who plays Ryoko's direct superior and gets her involved in the investigation, Abe Sadao who plays Kijima Akira, an officer from the Public Security Division and holds the key to opening a "cursed" file saved on a USB drive that contains confidential information about the case, Kitamura Yukiya who plays an elusive inspector nicknamed Chameleon, Koichi Mantaro who plays a freelance journalist and Emoto Akira who was a former police officer and later became the target of the assassination when he was the Minister of Home Affairs. There will also be an intimate scene with Mashima Hidekazu who plays Ryoko's married superior and had an affair with her thus leading to her transfer. Co-stars also include Suzuki An who plays Kijima's girlfriend that had entrusted the file's key to him, Denden who plays a police affairs director and had decided on Ryoko's transfer, Hasegawa Hatsunori who was the police chief at the time of the assassination and Matsushige Yutaka who plays a public security officer on the heels of Kijima.

Filming lasted for about 20 days in March which was considered a very short production period but Ono commented that it felt long because of how tough it was. Nonetheless, she felt that the effort was worth it and she really enjoyed working with so many actors this time. Sato commented that he agreed to act in this drama SP as a wedding gift for Ono who got married in July last year and praised for being one of the few actresses who could switch between onscreen and offscreen modes easily. He jokingly cited that one of the selling points of this drama SP will have to be her intimate scene even though he hasn't watched that scene yet. As for Abe, although he had appeared in the movie "Shazai no Ousama" with Ono in 2013, they hardly had any scenes together so this can be considered the first time they managed to act together. He recounted that this must be one of the hardest projects he had taken on as he had to run a lot and film at places such as behind a train station or go underground.

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