Thursday, August 25, 2016

Nounen Rena takes on voice-acting job for anime movie "Kono sekai no katasumi ni"

Ever since announcing her name change to "Non", Nounen Rena has taken on her first job by being the voice actor for the heroine in anime movie "Kono sekai no katasumi ni" (At the corner of the world). This is her first appearance in an anime movie.

"Kono sekai no katasumi ni" is set at Kure City in Hiroshima Prefecture during WWII and features a woman named Suzu who tries to live positively despite having lost many precious things due to the war. The director Katabuchi Sunao took six years to do extensive research on the historical setting before this film could be made. He revealed that Non was his number one choice for the heroine to which she revealed that she was so happy at the offer that she felt like she was floating in mid-air. However, Non acknowledged that it was rather painful and uncomfortable whenever the story touched on war and violence but she has learnt to face these issues and understand that these serious themes actually exist in our daily lives. Recounting on her first voice-acting job, Non revealed that it was tough and she didn't know what to do at first. Later, as she became more accustomed to it, she derived joy in breathing life into the graphics and said that she is full of respect for voice actors who are able to make their characters come alive.
The movie will be shown in cinemas from 12 November.

Source: Crank In


Anonymous said...

I'm really worried of her career. She is a good actress I want to see her active again in acting. And she should change that new stage name Non it's so short and so common she is unidentified. Better a totally new actress name.

Chiaki said...

Even with her name change, things are still far from rosy for her because none of the major newspapers reported her appearance in this anime movie due to the fact that her problem with her agency is unresolved. I happened to come across this source by chance and decided to put her old name in the translation since I didn't think many people would remember her new name Non.

Hatsumi Itoh said...

I just commented on another post earlier and just read this now. Thanks for this bit of news. I wouldn't have known otherwise. They'll have to do coverage when the film comes out, won't they? There's no escaping it.

Is there some sort of contractual clause that does not allow her to use her real name? Is this even legal?

Chiaki said...

Hi Hatsumi,

It doesn't look like there is any contractual ban that stops her from using the name Nounen Rena which also happens to be her legal name. As the problem over her contract hasn't been settled yet, the move to use the nickname "Non" was probably meant to prevent any issues in the interim as she tries to take on work assignments on her own before the final resolution. It's just like you wouldn't expect the members of SMAP to continue using the group name if they leave Johnny's Jimusho since the group name sort of "belongs" to the agency. When it comes to personal names though, it probably depends on the situation.

You'll be surprised at the amount of power some agencies have over the media e.g. when it comes to blocking the publication of articles or reporting over their artistes' scandals. Even if Nounen's agency doesn't say anything to the media, the latter will probably want to refrain from creating any issues since they wouldn't want to antagonise the agency just for one actress. As such, that is why major media outlets all did not report on Nounen's involvement in this anime movie.