Sunday, August 28, 2016

Emoto Tasuku to star in TBS Autumn 2016 drama "Kokku Keibu no Bansankai"

Emoto Tasuku will be starring in the TBS Autumn 2016 late night drama "Kokku Keibu no Bansankai" (Police inspector Cook's dinner party) which will begin its run from October in the Wednesdays 12.10am timeslot. He plays the role of Kokku Hoshimitsu, a police detective who has the cooking skills of a professional chef and invites suspects to dinner where he tries to uncover the culprits for the cases he is investigating. Kokku feels strongly about how murder suspects can get away scot-free and continue eating their favourite foods so he recreates the food that the victims had eaten so as to help him find clues in seeking the real culprits.

Kojima Ruriko will be playing a newbie police detactive Nanase Azumi who works together with Kokku. This will be her first appearance in a drama. In addition, Kokku's rival Nekota Norio will be played by Enari Kazuki while Fuji Mariko will play the director of the criminal investigation department and thinks highly of him.

As this is Emoto's first leading role in a drama, he revealed that he didn't think he would ever play the leading role so he is quite uneasy and worried although he's also eagerly anticipating this. He also thinks that it will be a fun experience working with people he had never met before such as Kojima, Enari and Fuji. As for Kojima, she commented that she's feeling 85% worried and 15% excited about her drama debut and had aspired to be a police detective at one time. She hopes that she will be able to enjoy the filming experience 100% by the end. Enari revealed that he's been a fan of Emoto and hopes to put in his all with his co-stars and crew for this drama.


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