Tuesday, August 09, 2016

10th Anniversary Game: Guess The Drama? - Round 10 (UPDATED with last hint)

Round 9 seemed like a very challenging round because there were other dramas which were similar to the answer based on the clues provided. In addition, this was the first round when I saw a number of spelling discrepancies and had to prompt the players to review their answers accordingly. Glad that those who received that "nudge" from me managed to secure their points after all! ^__^

Just to reiterate the rules when it comes to the spelling of the answer:
- Japanese title only i.e. no translations
- If title includes a word with lengthened vowel, I am fine with both versions i.e. the one with the lengthened vowel and the one without
- Punctuations are not factored in the answer so things like a missing comma wouldn't matter

And here's the long-awaited answer for Round 9:

Sekai no chuushin de, Ai wo sakebu 世界の中心で、愛をさけぶ

This Summer 2004 drama probably does not need much introduction as the "Sekaichuu" series which included the original novel, a manga, a movie, a TV drama series, a radio drama and a stage play, was such a phenomenon that it played a huge part in the popularity of the "pure love" genre at that time. The drama series alternated between the current time and 17 years ago when the lead character was a senior high school student so the role Matsumoto Sakutaro was played by Yamada Takayuki and Ogata Naoto. The role of the high school sweetheart Hirose Aki was played by Ayase Haruka. The sound clip used as the question was the BGM featured in the drama. As for the hints, I think they did confuse some of the players who mistook the answer for Byakuyakou instead. The first hint of Shibasaki Kou was with reference to her singing the theme song for this drama while the picture of Ayase in a wedding gown was when her character was seriously ill. Coincidentally, Byakuyakou also featured Shibasaki singing its theme song and Ayase was the female lead in that drama so that's probably why some of you were thinking in that direction rather than Sekaichuu.

Here is the leaderboard at the end of Round 9 (players who have at least 10 points to date):

41 points - Nanda Motta
40 points - tweetpersecond
39 points - Vie Chan
37 points - Madoka
34 points - mikilove13
30 points - Dendi Darkexodia
29 points - AlexAndrA ☆ 玉森
28 points - R
20 points -  Cris Ogr / Audrey Lilian Cussoy
19 points - Domoto Ama
14 points - (o✪‿✪o)
12 points - yorknell
11 points - Rince

For Round 10, please refer to the photo in this post and send the correct answer to me. If you get it right from now till the first hint is revealed, you will earn 5 points.

Good luck!

UPDATE 1: Here is the first hint to help you with this round:

Tabe Mikako & Saitou Takumi

If you answer correctly from now till the next hint is revealed, you will earn 3 points.

UPDATE 2: Here is the last hint for this round:

Showa Era

If you get it correct from now till the deadline, you will earn 1 point.

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