Saturday, August 20, 2016

Conclusion of "10th Anniversary Game: Guess The Drama?"

The 10th Anniversary Game: Guess The Drama? is finally over! Thank you for your participation for the past 20 days and I hope that you've had fun during this period.

First of all, allow me to reveal the answer for the last round:

Remote リモード

This 2002 drama from NTV featured Fukada Kyoko as a female traffic police officer who was about to leave her job to get married to Tamaki Hiroshi's character but ended up being sent to work under Himuro (Domoto Koichi) where he issued orders to her remotely from the A building in the MPD HQ. The theme song was sung by KinKi Kids.

Here is the final ranking of this game:

No.1: Nanda Motta (129 points)
No.2: tweetpersecond (109 points)
No.3: Vie Chan (108 points)

No.4: Dendi Darkexodia (91 points)
No.5: mikilove13 (86 points)
No.6: Madoka (72 points)
No.7: yorknell (44 points)
No.8: Audrey Lilian Cussoy (42 points)
No.9: Cris Ogr (31 points)
No.10: AlexAndrA ☆ 玉森 (29 points)
No.11: R (28 points)
No.12: Domoto Ama (19 points)
No.13: (o✪‿✪o) (14 points)
No.14: Tika / Rince (11 points)
No.16: Hayley (10 points)
No. 17: Luchuubit (6 points)
No.18: tae / junny (5 points)
No.20: butaxinju (3 points)
No.21: bibiw / ♡Lizbeth (1 point)

Congratulations to Nanda Motta, tweetpersecond and Vie Chan! I will contact you separately on the sending of the prizes to you by early next week.

I would greatly appreciate if you can share your thoughts and comments with me about this game so that I can make improvements in future. I am planning to organise other games on an irregular basis going forward so I hope to make things easier to implement and encourage more readers to take part. Please leave your comments, questions or views in this blog post.

Till the next game then!


Hayley said...

Happy anniversary! I had a great time with this game even though I didn't know 90% of the answers - it was fun learning about new dramas every day. I'd be keen to see something similar in future ^_^

Chiaki said...

Hi Hayley, thank you for your encouragement and well-wishes. There will be another new game coming up so do check the blog for more updates!

Vie Chan said...

otsukaresamadeshita and congratulation for 10y anniv..

thank you for the games and this website..
I had a lot of fun joining your games by checking and searching old dramas.. it made me realize that I watched LOT of dramas... ^^
I hope I can join again if you have another game..

Thank you..

Anonymous said...


Eventhough I can't participate but I have fun on guessing the drama or reminiscing it.
To elevate the difficulty, maybe next time you can also include some SP drama. That's will be more challenging!


Chiaki said...

Hi Vie, thank you for your support in the game and look forward to your participation in the future games to come!

Hi Yukari, thank you for your suggestion. Will consider that for future editions of this game!