Friday, December 09, 2016

TV Asahi announces measures for its dramas in response to Narimiya Hiroki's retirement announcement

In response to Narimiya Hiroki's sudden retirement announcement today, TV Asahi revealed its plans for the dramas which he appeared in or is about to appear in. For the upcoming Winter 2017 drama "Shuukatsu Kazoku" which stars Miura Tomokazu as the lead, Narimiya was due to appear as Miura's daughter's (Maeda Atsuko) colleague and boyfriend. Following reports of Narimiya's alleged drug scandal, his agency had asked the TV station to suspend his involvement with the drama but TV Asahi decided to hold off the decision for the time being as they still believed in his innocence. However, with his retirement already announced, he will no longer be appearing in the drama. It is understood that Narimiya had already participated in the filming for four episodes to date so it remains to be seen if there will be a replacement actor for his character or the character will be removed from the story.

As for Narimiya's appearances in "Aibou" seasons 11 to 13 which were shown between 2012 and 2015, the rerun of season 11 due to begin from 12 December will be replaced by "Kasoken no Onna". With regard to other reruns planned after 12 December, the TV station will make a decision later on.

Source: Daily Sports

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