Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Completion screening event of new movie "Koisaika Miyamoto"

The completion screening event of new movie "Koisaika Miyamoto" was held at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills on 14 December which was attended by the director Yukawa Kazuhiko and cast members Abe Hiroshi, Amami Yuki, Kanno Miho, Aibu Saki and Fuji Sumiko. The movie is Yukawa's directorial debut and a comical rearrangement of Shigematsu Kiyoshi's novel "FamiResu" about how a couple who has been married for many years faces the prospect of divorce after their child leaves the household to lead an independent life.

When asked about her thoughts of working with Abe, Amami said that it was very fun especially since he is tall and she got to see his handsome face up close. As for Abe, he revealed that he bumps into Amami quite often at the sports club where they both go to but had never worked together until this movie so he was really glad to be given this opportunity.

Yukawa revealed jokingly that he had wanted to be a movie director originally but ended up becoming a really "troublesome" scriptwriter who had a lot to say on the filming set. 30 years ago, when his mother told him to get a proper job, Yukawa revealed his dream to her and she was very supportive of him. Although it took so long before he realised his dream, he was glad to be able to show something to his mother now.

Abe commented that he had heard a lot of rumours about Yukawa and seen his works before but kept wondering when and if the latter might approach him one day. As such, when Abe was offered the chance to star in Yukawa's directorial debut, he was really happy about it and praised Yukawa for being so attentive to details and pulling everyone along like a leader. However, Abe was actually anticipating that Yukawa might get into an argument or fight with the cameraman during the filming which led the actresses to laugh at this remark.

In the movie, the husband (Abe) finds a completed divorce application hidden by his wife (Amami) so in relation to this, Abe was asked how he would react if he was in the same situation. Abe said that he would ask her about it right away. On the other hand, Yukawa whose wife was in the audience, joked at first that he might retaliate by filling up the fields meant for him but reversed his answer by saying that this was such a dangerous question and declared his love for his wife instead.

Kanno who had starred as the lead in Yukawa's drama "Magerarenai Onna", commented that he had offered the role in such a casual manner as if he was just asking someone to come out and meet him. However, it was fun to see how he showed a different side of herself and everyone else in the movie and she was amazed at how serious he seemed despite his seemingly carefree attitude. Likewise for Aibu who starred in Yukawa's drama "Rebound", she recalled that he was very outspoken with his requirements and criticism then but was so gentlemanly this time when giving out advice. Upon hearing this, Yukawa jokingly told them to stop saying all these because he was feeling embarrassed.

The movie will be shown in cinemas from 28 January 2017.

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