Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Screening event and press conference of NHK drama SP "Scrap and Build"

The screening event and press conference of NHK drama SP "Scrap and Build" was held at NHK's HQ on 13 December which was attended by the original novel's author Hada Keisuke and the lead actor Emoto Tasuku. The drama SP which will be shown at 9pm on 17 December, features Emoto as the leading character Tanaka Kento who is a 28-year-old unemployed young man who sees no hope in his future. He used to work in a company but quit because he didn't like the work and is studying hard now to pass the administrative scrivener exam while trying to find another job. However, he has no luck in securing a new job. Meanwhile, Kento lives with his mother and his 87-year-old grandfather who needs to be taken care of. Despite not suffering from any illness and is relatively healthy for his age, Kento's grandfather has mobility problems and keeps saying that he's better off dead. Although Kento is fed up with his grandfather's lamenting, he suddenly comes to realise that he has never paid attention to his grandfather's feelings and that actually stems from his own unwillingness and selfishness to treat other people sincerely.

Hada revealed that he was very happy when the offer to dramatise his award-winning novel came along especially since this book was the breakthrough work in his career. However, he "complained" that his new novel "Contest of the Dead" wasn't doing that well in terms of sales despite a fair bit of promotion done so Hada called upon the viewers to start reading his works by buying the novel of "Scrap and Build" after watching this drama SP. Hada commented that he has this thinking that once he finishes a book, it is as if the book will leave his hands so he's not resistant to the idea of having his novels being dramatised. Especially since he felt that NHK produced high quality dramas, Hada accepted the offer quickly.

Emoto said that although there are various things happening to his character in the drama, he doesn't think that Kento is a special person so he tried not to make Kento appear too out of the ordinary during the filming.

Sources: / Oricon

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