Thursday, December 22, 2016

Supporting cast lineup for TV Asahi Winter 2017 drama "Shuukatsu Kazoku ~ Kitto, umaku iku ~" announced

The supporting cast lineup for TV Asahi Winter 2017 drama "Shuukatsu Kazoku ~ Kitto, umaku iku ~" was announced. The drama which will be shown from 12 January 2017 in the Thursdays 9pm timeslot, features Tomikawa Yosuke (Miura Tomokazu) who is the HR director of a big company, leads an ordinary life with his wife Mizuki (Kuroki Hitomi) who is a Japanese language teacher at a private junior high school, his elder daughter Shiori (Maeda Atsuko) who works at a jewellery manufacturer and Hikaru (Kudo Asuka) who is about to graduate from university. However, things start to spiral out of control when Yosuke is retrenched by his company, Shiori quits due to sexual harassment issues at her workplace and Hikaru cannot find a permanent job yet. This causes the family to be looking for employment at the same time which makes them rethink the meaning of work and what kind of future they want for themselves.

Kimura Tae will be playing Kawamura Yuko, a former subordinate of Yosuke who tries to seduce him in a bid to avoid being retrenched by the company. Watanabe Dai will play Makabe Yuto who is the senior of Shiori and lends a listening ear to her when she is troubled over sexual harassment at the workplace. Arai Hirofumi will be Kunihara Kota who is the principal of a school coaching people in seeking employment who helps Hikaru while Danta Yasunori will be Amaya Goro who was also retrenched from work and has to pretend to go to work as usual and spend the entire day in the park. Kimura Midoriko will play Natsuno Kumi who plays Yosuke's former senior high school classmate while Yamamoto Mirai will be Nakahara Ayako who is Shiori's new boss and gets involved in a love triangle with the latter and Yuto.

Source: Oricon

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