Saturday, December 24, 2016

Top 5 bestselling artists of 2016 (Oricon)

Arashi has won the bestselling artist of the year title for 6 years to date (including this year) which has also broken their own streak to date and they are the first artist to have achieved this. They have also snagged the bestselling album of the year title for 2016. In their comments about this feat, the members expressed their thanks to everyone and were surprised and amused that the announcement coincided with Christmas Eve which also happens to be Aiba Masaki's birthday so it feels like a multiple celebration for them.

The details of the other categories in this annual ranking will be posted gradually today so do keep a lookout for them as you enjoy your Christmas Eve!

Numbers in brackets indicate the total sales figures in yen for the CD singles, albums and DVDs released by the artists this year:

1) Arashi (12,183,000,000)

2) Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE (8,256,000,000)

3) Nogizaka46 (7,437,000,000)

4) AKB48 (6,947,000,000)

5) Kanjani 8 (4,788,000,000)

Source: Oricon

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